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Nimocin herbal has witnessed splendiferous growth since its inception in the 1995. We are engaged in the manufacture and export of Neem based products, Raw material for incenses as well as wholesale export and supply of high quality herbs, botanical herbs, natural herbal extracts, Indian Spices & other Agricultural products from India.

Nimocin emphasizes the utilization of plant derived natural products as core materials in the development of plant nutrients, plant protectants, plant growth hormones and herbal inputs of their importance in human health.

The products are totally organic and the company is committed to offer very good quality products with timely supplies. The company having specialized in Neem products and Raw material for incenses.

Our Products

Our wide product range comprises of:

» Raw Material for incenses dhoop/sticks
» Neem Products
» Indian Spices
» Medicinal Herbs


Our robust infrastructure is loaded with various technologically advanced facilities that assist in the delivering flawless quality products to our clients.

Quality Assurance

Owing to the dictum of serving flawless quality products to our clients, various stringent quality tests are conducted under the supervision of our quality control executives. We takes special care in choosing, processing quality herbs thereby ensuring good quality product derivative prepared from the raw materials. The company has in depth knowledge in the field of organic farming and takes special care to preserve the natural inherent strength of the product. The company is assisted by a team of professionals in ensuring available of quality product at a very competitive price at all times.

Esteemed Clientele

We have a huge and establish clientele network that is facilitated with the availability of the products that comply with the national as well as international quality norms.

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